Issue Areas & Expertise

Our deep bench of talent means we provide an unprecedented level of expertise to help you arrive at your desired outcome.


California is at the forefront of the nation’s healthcare debate, whether it’s expanding access to care or leading the county in public health efforts like tobacco cessation. Axiom Advisors works across the healthcare delivery system with some of the state’s most influential groups including physician organizations, hospital systems, community clinics and local advocacy groups.

We’ve counseled our healthcare clients on major statewide ballot measure campaigns, high profile legislative fights, crisis communication and public education, all aimed at improving the quality, affordability and access to care for Californians.

Business and Economic Development

As a nation-state, California is both an essential and unique place for business and job creation – and 2020 ushered in unprecedented economic challenges.  During this time, Axiom Advisors has worked with a variety of business sectors across the state to help them navigate continuously updated employee health and safety guidelines as the state manages the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

Through constant interaction with some of the state’s leading policy makers, including the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, the Administration’s Department of Finance and others, our clients have been able to give California leaders a first-hand understanding of how business operates on the ground in the midst of a pandemic, lending helpful best practices for business in this new climate.

Clean Energy

California has long been a leader in clean energy and at Axiom Advisors, we’re proud to represent some of the most innovative leaders in this space. With California committed to derive 50 percent of the state’s electricity from renewable resources by 2030, as well as to accelerate  the development and deployment of advanced transportation and fuel technologies, Axiom helps bridge stakeholders and policymakers to find workable solutions to continue improving California’s clean energy footprint.

In addition to representing the world’s largest battery storage operator, leading hydrogen producer, and major residential solar and storage provider, Axiom Advisors works to attract state investments for clean energy and fuels production and infrastructure across California. We work with renewable energy startups and established alternative fuel producers and distributors, major trade associations, regulators, legislators and Administration officials to advocate for a more sustainable future, including for the development and transmission of clean energy solutions.

Environmental Protection & Climate Change

Axiom Advisors boasts some of the state’s leading environmental experts and, together, we have worked with clients across the spectrum to navigate the complex environmental protection laws in California.

We’ve counseled fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, looking to understand and adhere to rules around hazardous and medical waste management and disposal, used oil collection, recycling and reuse programs, COVID-19 emergency response and decontamination, retail waste, diverting local waste streams and improving air quality.

California continues to be a world leader on climate change laws and regulations that impact almost ever business activity from traditional industrial facilities and energy production to agricultural processing and the development of new commercial and residential projects.

Axiom’s professionals have been at the forefront of climate change policy debates since their inception. We regularly engage for clients on issues ranging from the state’s low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) and greenhouse gas cap and trade program to vehicle miles traveled, SB 375 regional plan development and compliance and the evolving treatment of climate under CEQA.  Axoim Advisors also advises clients seeking statutory and regulatory clarity for the development and deployment of new green technologies in projects across the state.

In Sacramento and across the state, we work across regulatory agencies including the California Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic Substances Control, the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, the California Water Resources Control Board, the California Air Resources Board and with countless industry and environmental stakeholder groups to collaboratively work to find the best solutions for our clients and the future of California’s environment.


Whether it’s the intersection of finance and technology or the sharing economy, Axiom Advisors help clients navigate legislative debates and the regulatory agencies that implement evolving law and oversee these complicated sectors. Our team has helped guide technology startups, has advised on privacy and cybersecurity and has worked with clients to successfully deploy innovative financial technology services and products in the California marketplace.

In a world where technology has become so pivotal to keep us connected, especially during a global pandemic, ensuring the safety and efficacy the future of technology is a top priority in the work that we do. The Axiom team comes to the table having worked in-house at some of the world’s biggest technology companies and has counseled clients on the development of remote sensing systems, accessibility technology, vehicle automation and mobility solutions.

Natural Resources

Axiom Advisors works with key state agencies and local governments to find budgetary, legislative and regulatory solutions on comprehensive issues relating to air, land, water, wildlife, soil and agriculture. We’ve tackled major land acquisition and conservation campaigns while working with appropriate agencies to consider the water supply, water quality and necessary permitting required for such projects.

Our team provides strategic counsel to on the importance of protecting and appropriately managing sensitive environments, habitat mitigation and conservation banking in addition to working on detailed topography mapping for important issues such as wildlife risk reduction, vegetation and forestry management, and  hazard assessments for flood, fire, and landslides pre- and post-natural and man-made disasters.

California’s Coast

Our team comes with decades of combined experience working with the California Coastal Commission, the California State Lands Commission and local agencies all with overlapping jurisdiction. Our expertise helps guide clients through these regulators on issues such as land use, resource leasing, permitting and infrastructure project planning, as well as on issues relating to the California Coastal Act. Our extensive background in climate resiliency and associated issues such as a sea level rise, coastal erosion, and wetlands policy give us a unique vantage point to develop and execute strategic planning and projects related to California’s coast.


Axiom Advisors works with California’s teachers, school boards, higher education institutions and relevant state agencies on a wide range of issues including ballot measures, legislative advocacy, statewide assessment, and public education campaigns. We’ve worked with some of California’s finest higher education institutions along with K-12 systems up and down the state. Our team has fought to increase facility and school bonds for California, we’ve advocated for improved learning environments for children of all ages and we regularly engage with stakeholders across the education system to bridge opportunities for students and teachers.


With a total area of about 163,696 square miles and an estimated population of just under 40 million, transportation—and its evolution in the face of climate change—continues to be one of the biggest issues in California for state and local governments. Whether trains, planes or automobiles, transporting ourselves from one point to another is how we remain physically connected to our communities. Axiom Advisors works across a broad spectrum of transportation related issues ranging from carsharing to hydrogen and renewable fuels deployment and serves our clients with a 360 degree strategic approach to these issues.

From clean vehicle rebates to the reduction of vehicle emissions to setting low carbon fuel standards, Axiom helps our clients advance their agendas while aligning with what have become some of the state’s biggest priorities as well. We work with key policymakers at the California Air Resources Board, the California Energy Commission, CalTrans, and at the California Legislature, along with other influential stakeholders to develop thoughtful and forward thinking programs and regulations that will help keep California physically connected.

Housing & Real Estate

Housing is one of the state’s most complex and multi-disciplinary issue areas, impacting all 40 million Californians in some way. Our goal at Axiom Advisors is to ensure that our clients have a voice in the ongoing conversations that shape the future of housing, development and real estate.

With in-depth knowledge of local and state zoning laws, broad experience navigating state and local agency permitting and approval processes and decades of combined work on issues related to the Californian Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Axiom is second to none when it comes to housing and real estate issues.

Our team regularly interfaces with the Building Standards Commission, the California Department of Housing and Community Development and the California Energy Commission on building codes and works together with our clients to navigate the complexities of building in California. From site remediation to higher education housing, Axiom helps our clients navigate it all.