Environmental Protection & Climate Change

Axiom Advisors boasts some of the state’s leading environmental experts and, together, we have worked with clients across the spectrum to navigate the complex environmental protection laws in California.

We’ve counseled fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, looking to understand and adhere to rules around hazardous and medical waste management and disposal, used oil collection, recycling and reuse programs, COVID-19 emergency response and decontamination, retail waste, diverting local waste streams and improving air quality.

California continues to be a world leader on climate change laws and regulations that impact almost ever business activity from traditional industrial facilities and energy production to agricultural processing and the development of new commercial and residential projects.

Axiom’s professionals have been at the forefront of climate change policy debates since their inception. We regularly engage for clients on issues ranging from the state’s low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) and greenhouse gas cap and trade program to vehicle miles traveled, SB 375 regional plan development and compliance and the evolving treatment of climate under CEQA.  Axoim Advisors also advises clients seeking statutory and regulatory clarity for the development and deployment of new green technologies in projects across the state.

In Sacramento and across the state, we work across regulatory agencies including the California Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic Substances Control, the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, the California Water Resources Control Board, the California Air Resources Board and with countless industry and environmental stakeholder groups to collaboratively work to find the best solutions for our clients and the future of California’s environment.